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Karen Floyd is a transformational coach who helps female executives turn personal and professional breakdowns into breakthroughs. Drawing from decades of global business leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal and spiritual development, her programs combine coaching, tools, techniques, exercises, and ancient practices for long-lasting transformation. Karen is an international best-selling author, ICF-certified coach, certified teacher of Active Dreaming, and a Chartered Public Relations professional.



  • 100% success rate of clients achieving their desired goals and outcomes.
  • 90% of clients are top female executives from global corporations.
  • 100% of clients choose to partner with Karen long-term.


  • Jinny found the confidence to achieve the promotion of her dreams and became a global director for Google.
  • Tess pivoted from working in tech marketing to following her passion as a yoga teacher.
  • Anna found the confidence to seize global speaking opportunities and expand her MC career.


  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • Self-awareness

Media Appearences

Karen Floyd


Podcast:1 Improving Your Life While Awake and Asleep With The Amazing Karen Floyd

Short Description
Have you ever felt lost in life? Have circumstances ever knocked you down and you didn’t know how you were going to get up again? Today’s guest Coach Karen Floyd has been there and she is going to talk about how she bounced back from tremendous loss.

She is also an expert in dreamwork and took me thorough an amazing process of how our dreams can be used as tools to guide us on our lives. She is an amazing dynamic person and I can’t wait to have her back again! She definitely left me wanting more.

You can find out more here

https://coachkarenfloyd.com/ She generously offered to create a FREE dream circle for myself and all my listeners! Please email me Jenajake@me.com or Karen on her website! What an amazing opportunity!

Are you ready to improve your relationship? I am running a fall special I can improve your relationship with one person in 90 min for $499.00 this is a $1000 value!

Take advantage of this offer while it lasts. Email me Jenajake@me.com

I hope you are enjoying fall and everything life has to offer



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Podcast:2 Feeling Stuck? Align Your Heart & Mind with Karen Floyd

Short Description

Molly has a degree in Psychology, is a certified coach and has years of experience dealing with alcohol. She helps people shift from  “I Can’t Do This” to “I F*king Got This” and experience the freedom of life without alcohol.

We chat about:

  • Molly’s experience with drinking and how she got sober 
  • What someone can do to prepare to get sober 
  • Top tips for anyone looking to quit or cut back on drinking 
  • How you can prevent slip ups  
  • Getting out of shame spirals and mom guilt 
  • The challenges of drinking in corporate work culture 
  • And more!

Karen Floyd

Karen Floyd has decades of global business leadership experience and four years of coaching experience partnering with top executives. She is ICF-trained with a Diploma in Integrative Coaching, a certified Peernovation Teams Coach, a Chartered Public Relations Professional, an accredited teacher of Active Dreaming, and a certified spiritual teacher who has coached global executives worldwide.
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