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Transition from lost, stuck, and confused to clear, conscious, and courageous, and live a prosperous, purpose-driven, and joyful life.



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I am a caring and compassionate woman dedicated to supporting others to realise their full potential. This was the oath I swore when I was ceremonially adopted into a Welsh family decades ago so they could share their ancient spiritual tradition with me. I have invested heavily in formalising the intuitive skills I bring to each unique situation.

I’ve travelled extensively, studied, and worked in many countries, including France, Spain, Russia, Norway, and the US. I’ve always been a gipsy, frequently changing locations and homes.

When I was little, as an only child brought up by my penniless mum in Liverpool, England, I spent hours in my inner world. I believed I could talk to rocks. I had precognitive dreams regularly. All I wanted was to escape my reality. And I did, to create one of my dreams fulfilled.

Freedom and flexibility have allowed me to benefit from a lifestyle involving travel, living with horses, dogs and cats, and engaging in ongoing professional, personal and spiritual development.

I no longer ride horses or have dogs, but I still enjoy long walks in nature and being near water. I love swimming in the ocean and am fortunate to be able to do it all year, whenever I choose.

My life hasn’t been a bed of roses. I’ve experienced severe head injuries, multiple riding accidents, miscarriage, divorce, loss of parents, bullying (as an adult in the workplace), business loss, betrayal, and perimenopause. And the past few years have been the toughest of my life in many ways.

All I’ve experienced and learned personally, professionally and spiritually is wrapped up in The Inner Compass Program so that you can do what has taken me decades to synthesise in eight weeks.

I value the dreams and aspirations of others and have helped many to achieve them, whether their objective was to grow in confidence to fulfil a dream promotion, rebuild a life after psychiatric treatment, or gain clarity about passion and purpose. Serving others feeds my soul.

I’m grateful to work from anywhere in the world with people I choose and who choose me, incredible women who want to be the best version of themselves and know that it takes inner work to change the outer world.

If I resonate with you, book a free call with me.
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With love,

Who is it for?

For Individuals looking for One on One sessions and Groups who

  • Are seeking deeper self-understanding and trust.
  • Are looking to reinvent themselves.
  • Are navigating relationship loss or breakdown.
  • Are undergoing major professional transitions (e.g., job loss, relocation, parental leave, relationship change, entrepreneurship).
  • Have a restart plan but unsure of the next steps.
  • Need to establish a fresh start in life.
  • Desire to actively create a new life.
  • Want to realise their potential.

Who is it NOT for?

  • Say they’ll never change
  • Don’t think transformation is possible.
  • Unwilling to commit to the process.
  • Unwilling to bear their souls and be honest with themselves.
  • Unwilling to be patient and put in the work.
  • Expect overnight transformation with no effort.
Module one

Conscious Change


  • Change mindset about change.
  • Conquer the fear of change.
  • Feel excited about the change.
  • Know your inner change companion. 
  • Create a conscious change circle.


It feels impossible to take that first step to change when it’s your biggest fear, even if it’s your desire. In this module, you’ll conquer your fear of change so you’re ready to consciously release the past and step courageously into the future.

Module two

Conscious Clearing


  • Release the old to make way for the new in a sacred way.
  • Identify what has brought about the change and lessons learned.
  • Release any toxic ties to people, places, situations, buildings, and organisations.


You want the best foundation for your new start, and that starts with consciously clearing out the old to make way for the new. In this module, discover techniques to overcome limiting beliefs and be in the highest vibration possible for the best start to your restart and feel brighter and lighter, and positive about your future.

Module three

Inner Compass Conscious Calibration


  • Gain a clear sense of direction.
  • Develop a strong ‘touch base point’.
  • Get to know your higher self.


You know that if you could align your passion and purpose with heart-mind coherence, things would flow as you desire. In this module, you’ll receive the keys to unlock the doors to making major life changes with greater ease and confidence.

Module four

Inner Compass North Star


  • Learn how to use manifestation. 
  • Identify your superpowers.
  • Understand how to start living your purpose with confidence.


How do you know if you’re making the right decisions? How do you identify your North Star? In this module, you’ll learn about heart-mind coherence for swift alignments so that you always know you’re making the best decisions for yourself and see evidence of it in your life. You’ll also learn how to course-correct if you ever need to.

Module five

Inner Compass Conscious Creator


  • Construct a clear purpose statement. 
  • Craft a plan to implement your purpose statement. 
  • Activate a deeper connection with your inner compass and higher self.


Even when you know what needs to be done to transform your life, taking action eludes you. In this module, you will explore and implement tools to make steady progress to transform your life with ease and confidence.

Module six

Inner Compass Conscious Embodiment


  • Easily access alpha and theta states of consciousness for clarity, guidance, and heightened intuition.
  • Achieve a prolonged feeling of your new desired way of being for rapid alignment of mind-heart coherence goals.
  • Have absolute clarity about your future path.


After feeling uncertain and unclear, you’re starting to feel more confident in your choices but still doubt yourself. In this module, you’ll learn how to enter alpha and theta states whenever you want, to access your Inner Compass and higher self for continued strengthening of the connection, and you’ll start seeing the results.
Module seven

Inner Compass Conscious Crafting


  • Achieve a clear, detailed plan you can refer to for many years to come.
  • Strengthen your connection to your Conscious Creator and your intuition.
  • Create a sacred act to honour your progress so far.


You want razor-sharp intuition and to see your crystal clear plan in front of you. In this module, you’ll learn techniques for strengthening your intuition, and you’ll create a plan giving you an at-a-glance overview and summary of everything you’ve discovered and decided so far during this program. You’ll have a plan you can refer back to for years.
Module eight

Inner Compass Conscious Container


  • Achieve a completed Conscious Change Circle.
  • Master the art of sacred gratitude to amplify your energetic efforts and keep your vibe high. 
  • Finally, understand how to recalibrate your Inner Compass anytime you need to re-find your North Star.


You know what to do to transform your life or career, and your Inner Compass is set to your North Star, but you’re not sure you’re ready to fly solo, and you’re worried you might lose your way. In this module, you’ll dive deeper into heart-mind coherence, energy, frequency, and vibration so you’ll always know how to recalibrate your Inner Compass to find your North Star if you ever lose your direction. You’ll have a toolkit of exercises, techniques, and practices that will serve you, forever.

“You have the option to engage in my program through personalized one-to-one sessions or participate within a group setting.”

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