Famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity. Jung was a firm believer in precognitive dreams. His advice was to consider synchronicity as meaningful coincidences that offer powerful insight into what’s going on for you.

Once we start working more deeply with our dreams and active dreaming, we notice more synchronicity in our lives. Synchronicity informs primarily through intuition and emotion and indicates how near or far we are from the right path. Synchronicity signals that we are in alignment with our desires.

Robert Moss says: “Dreaming and synchronicity are the warp and woof of your experience of a deeper reality. In dreaming, you go there. Through synchronicity, the forces of that deeper world leave their mark on your surface world and spur you on to live a juicier, more magical life. Synchronicity is when the universe gets personal.” 

Just as we recall and record our dreams, it’s a great idea to keep a record of synchronicities to be studied like we do our dreams. Again, the more we do this, the more we notice it. How many signs of synchronicity can you recall from recent times? Write them down!