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Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

Coaching aims to achieve long-lasting transformation. After the trauma of a major life change, such as a significant relationship ending, the death of the loved one, the loss or change of a career, or moving countries, we can feel lost, alone, confused, stuck, anxious and afraid to make decisions. Sometimes we don’t know where to start to turn our lives around. This coaching helps you gain the clarity to know what you want, find your passions, identify your purpose, and take action while transforming your mindset, energy and way of being. You’ll learn tools, techniques, practices and exercises to develop your courage and intuition to make the best decisions and take the appropriate action confidently.

2. What can I expect from the call?

During the call, we’ll explore your situation and possible future outcomes. You’ll also learn how the coaching will help you transform your personal or professional life, and you’ll leave armed with a couple of hacks to get you started on the road to transformation.

3. Who is Karen Floyd ?

I’ve reinvented my life numerous times, changing careers, countries, and relationships. I’ve experienced miscarriage, divorce, and burnout. Still, when I lost my business, my parents died, and I left my life and business partner, starting over in life seemed impossible. I felt lost, alone, stuck, sad, scared, anxious, overwhelmed, and directionless. I was unclear about what I wanted, how to achieve it, and what to do next.

After investing decades of my life and lots of money into my professional and personal development, I tapped into the most effective tools, techniques, exercises, and practices I learned to gain clarity about my passions, purpose, and direction. I became intentional about consciously creating the life of my dreams using the Inner Compass Program.

I refound my North Star and turned my breakdown into my breakthrough, overcoming my biggest fears. I became clear and confident, able to make life-changing decisions and restart my life. I started to feel the most empowered, fulfilled, loved, and peaceful I’d ever felt, excited about my future and watching my business flourish. I felt safe and secure, knowing I’d found a way to refind my North Star if I ever felt lost again.

I use modern-day exercises, tools and techniques, and ancient spiritual practices to ensure that your Inner Compass is set to your North Star. And if you ever lose your way again, you’ll know how to get back on course easily and swiftly.

Karen Floyd has decades of global leadership experience, is an ICF-trained coach with a Diploma in Integrative Coaching, a certified Peernovation Teams Coach, a Chartered Public Relations Professional, a certified teacher of Active Dreaming, and a certified shamanic practitioner who has coached global executives worldwide.


"Thank you, Karen, for helping me clarify my goals and determine where to direct my time and energy for effective results. Your unique blend of healing and relaxing practices and visualisation, combined with a sharp focus on goals, has helped me gain a sense of calm purpose and energy and an increased understanding of myself and how to get past personal blockers."

Jo Atkinson

"There are difficult things that anyone can experience, but it is tricky to understand them emotionally. Fortunately, I was lucky to have Karen, who helped me find my way.

Karen is a wonderful coach who deeply understands me and partners with me to help me to address my situation and get me on the best track."

Jaehee Yoo

"Working with Karen was a truly transformational experience.
I became far more self-aware, confident and secure, and I turned my life around.
I went from doing things I didn’t want to do to live on my terms. Karen is kind, considerate and a great questioner who made me think.

I highly recommend her."

Tess Bryan

"I didn't know what to expect from the coaching, but after just one session with Karen, I learned much about myself and my heart's desire and gained the clarity I needed to make some important choices. I achieved a lot just during the first coaching session and fully understood the power of coaching."

Irina Gonzalez

"Karen is the best coach, mentor and teacher I have ever met.
She is also an inspirational spiritual teacher, counsellor, and friend. She has a great influence on her clients. Working with Karen has improved my confidence and enriched my life.

I highly recommend Karen."

Jungsook Lee

"Karen has influenced my growth. I developed the competencies required to be a leader, such as self-awareness, people skills, motivation, empowerment, etc. I am grateful for her warm encouragement that allows me to be proactive and diligent as a learner and leader in life and business."

Dr. Anna You

"When I began my journey with Karen, my life changed unimaginably. Each session felt like stepping into a sanctuary - a safe, nurturing space where I was encouraged to dig deep, explore and unravel the complexities of my life, thoughts, and emotions. With Karen, I've learned to become more conscious and truly present, leading to better decision-making, improved relationships, and a deeper understanding of myself. Her coaching has transformed me."

Naomi Kwon

"Right from the start, Karen made me feel completely at ease during our Zoom meeting. She created this wonderful, safe space where I could be my true self and open without hesitation.

Every coaching session with her left me feeling uplifted and more certain about the steps I needed to take. Honestly, I never expected that working with a coach could be this beneficial."

Bianka Maroti

"I normally find it difficult to trust others with my private life, but Karen made it easy for me. My coaching sessions with her were relaxed and comfortable because she knew exactly how to make me feel at ease. The support I received along the way has been incredible. I've learned so much about myself and how to develop in ways I never imagined possible. Karen has been a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a great coach."

Marie Florence

"I am really happy that I crossed paths with Karen when I did. Thanks to her, I have gained so much more self-confidence and clarity in what I want and how I can tackle it. She has truly helped me to accept and embrace vulnerabilities without shame, and I am finally able to start being my true self and live life with no filters or fear of judgement from others. She is a wonderful communicator - a great and empathic listener and speaker - who truly understands the mind of her coaches to be able to give constructive feedback. I am grateful for her not only being there as a coach but also as a friend who encourages you to do what feels right for you. Karen will truly help you to be a better version of yourself and to realize your dream. I highly recommend her."

Imma Akwanga

"With Karen's help, I've gained much confidence and self-awareness and was able to gain the promotion of my dreams after almost giving up.Karen responds flexibly and responsively to my diverse needs.

She is a true partner for me."

Jinny Kim

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